The surrounding of Bogaczewo

On this page we'd like to give you an impression of the surrounding of Bogaczewo.

Our house is located in Masury which lies, with its pittoresk lakes, in the northeastern part of Poland.

Mapa Polski - Mazury


Bogaczewo, the former Reichensee, lies in the middle of the Masury lakes. Its location is well suited as a base for the exploration of Masury, since all the sightseeing points are within easy reach from here.

On the map to the left you can recognize the lake areas of Masury on first sight. Our small village, Bogaczewo, is marked with a red arrow. If you click on the map to the left, a bigger map (~1.2MB!) is shown.

The historically very interesting Węgorzewo (Angerburg), where a museum of local history is located, is as easily reached with the car, as is the most visited Mikołejki (Nikolaiken). Both villages can be reached by ferry from Giżycko as well. The travel across the lakes and through the channels is so lovely, that most of our guests take this trip more than once.

Vis a vis Bogaczewo, on the other side of the lake, we find Rydzewo, the former Rotwalde. This village more and more developed to a tourist center in the last years. A visit of the Wolfsschanze with its vast fortresses can be made in a short trip. We recommend a visit of the church Swięta Lipka, where there are organ concerts on a dayly base to allow the visitors not only to see, but also to hear this extraordinary instrument.

The city next to Bogaczewo is Giżycko, the former Lötzen. Here every day is a market day and most of the shops, like all over Poland, are open also on sunday.

Masury offers a lot of quietness and pittoreskness. It is the ideal place for recreation and distress. Every place here has its own charme. Every trip becomes an experience of nature and history.


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